Adding internal USB to an ESXi (or any) machine.

Just a quick post today. A few people have asked me if it was possible to add an internal USB port to a home lab server. This $5 item was made for homelabbers!

A large portion of the servers being built these days have internal USB or even SD card slots and it’s nice to not have a USB stick popping out of the back of a machine.

The StarTech USB A to USB Motherboard 4-Pin Header F/F 2.0 Cable, 6″ (USBMBADAPT) is what you can use.

You just plug this into the USB headers on the motherboard and you’re set. As long as your motherboard has one available! That’s the only gotcha. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one without it though. The hardest part I had was finding a good spot for it to hang. I ended up using a zip tie to secure it.

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  1. Doug Bolen says:

    I need to find one of these that has an SD card, no dice looking so far!

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