Altaro VM Backup: 7.6 Review

Hi everyone. I wanted to get a quick post out there about one of my blog sponsors, Altaro. They’re a great partner of mine and I also happen to write content for their VMware blog over here. With that little tidbit out of the way, lets get to the good stuff. They have released a new 7.6 version and I thought I’d writer a bit about some of my favorite new features.

  • With Altaro VM Backup 7.6, users can switch from running daily backups to a continuous data protection model yielding an improved Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of up to 5 minutes.
  • Altaro VM Backup 7.6 introduces GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) Archiving), enabling users to choose to archive the backup versions over and above their continuous and daily backups instead of deleting them (local backups only). Now you can easily set up separate backup cycles to store a new backup version every week, every month and every year.
  • In previous Altaro VM Backup Versions only one operation could be performed on a Virtual Machine at the same time. This caused the following pain points:
    • If a retention policy takes quite long to complete, then backups and restore operations are queued until retention is complete.
    • If an Offsite Copy to Azure takes days to complete, especially for the initial backup; then backups and restore operations for that VM are queued until it is complete
    • If a Restore, File Level Restore or Boot from Backup operation is active then no backups for that Virtual Machine could take place until they are completed.

    Each of these limitations have been addressed in v7.6 , allowing users to restore and take Offsite Copies without delaying any scheduled or CDP backups whether scheduled or CDP.

Altaro is still very competitive on price for the feature set you get. Per host, unlimited sockets. You can check their pricing calculator here and see for yourself.

I would also recommend checking out the video Andy Syrewicze did that demos some of the new v7 features. Myself, I find the interface very easy to use and to setup. I had no trouble navigating the client and setting things up without having to read the entire manual. 🙂 Within 15 minutes I had multiple hosts and VMs setup and backup jobs running. I have also tested the restore and sandbox functions and they have worked each time I have tried it. My upgrade was very smooth as well.

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