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Altaro Webinar: 5 Performance-boosting vSphere Features You’re Missing Out On

Altaro is a blog sponsor of mine and occasionally I work with them on VMware webinars. We’d be happy to have you join us! When: Tuesday Sep 19th 2017 Are you running your vSphere environment to its full potential? Have … Continue reading

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vSphere Troubleshooting Series: Part 5 – Storage Troubleshooting

If a virtual machine cannot access its virtual disks, the cause of the problem might be anywhere from the virtual machine to physical storage. As you can see below, there are multiple types of storage, it’s important to determine what … Continue reading

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vSphere Troubleshooting Series: Part 4 – Virtual Machine Troubleshooting

Virtual Machine Troubleshooting Before we jump into troubleshooting virtual machines, let’s review some of the typical virtual machine files you will run into. Typical Virtual Machine Files File Usage Description .vmx <VM-Name>.vmx Virtual machine configuration file .vmxf <VM-Name>.vmxf Extended configuration … Continue reading

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Vembu Webinar: How to address Data Center Challenges

Hi everyone, here is a webinar link that one of my blog sponsors Vembu is running. The webinar will run on July 4th at 12:00pm GST. How fast can I recover the data center during the disaster? How can I … Continue reading

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vSphere Troubleshooting Series: Part 3 – vSphere Installation Troubleshooting

This part of the series will cover some of the common issues with vSphere deployments. We will split this section into two sections. The first will cover ESXi host troubleshooting during installation, the second will cover vCenter deployments at installation. … Continue reading

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vSphere Troubleshooting Series: Part 2 – vSphere Troubleshooting Tools

Before you can troubleshoot issues, you need to understand the various tools that are out there. In this section, we will discuss some of the tools that VMware provides and how to identify the log locations for additional troubleshooting. VMware … Continue reading

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