Building a VMware home lab with AutoLab.

Rick Crisci from and fellow VCI, has documented the process of running a home lab in AutoLab in VMware Workstation. There are a couple benefits and downsides of running a VMware home lab in AutoLab. Lets cover those.


  • Relatively low cost of entry with just needing VMware Workstation and PowerCLI (free).
  • Possibly no extra hardware to purchase.
  • You can deploy it relatively easily.


  • You need a large machine capable of running multiple machines. Lots of memory is key here! A machine with 8-12GB of memory is barely going to cut it if you’re planning to keep your lab up and running to practice with.
  • Not all VMware features are supported. Fault Tolerance and vSAN will give you a bit of grief trying to configure it. The two links listed will help you get it running with a little added effort.

AutoLab Deployment Guide can be downloaded here.

Even AutoLab themselves releases recommended hardware to run this on. Here are a few price points and hardware that run a nested lab well!

$1,000 Price Point

$2,000 Price Point

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