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Why use vSphere Proactive HA?

What is Proactive HA? Proactive HA will detect hardware conditions of a host and allow you to evacuate the VMs before the issue causes an outage. Failure happens at the most inopportune times. It’s possible that degraded hardware goes on … Continue reading

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vCenter Server HA Deployment/Design Considerations

Check out fellow Indy VMUGer, Adam Eckerle and his great 13 minute vCenter HA discussion on vSphere 6.5. I love the whiteboard Adam!

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VMware vSphere 5: New HA Architecture

With vSphere 5, the VMware HA infrastructure has been completely changed. In vSphere 5.0 the new HA agent is “FDM” (Fault Domain Manager) and replaces the old AAM agent (from EMC Legato). Other notable changes: The old Primary / Secondary … Continue reading

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