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A few basic PowerCLI oneliners.

Some students in my classes have been recently asking me for any good PowerCLI oneliners during my ICM classes. Here’s a list I typically share out to my students. If you’ve got any to add, feel free to leave them … Continue reading

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vNugglets: PowerCLI Hands On Lab Guide Released

I wanted to spin up a quick post and link to some good content. My friends Matt Boren and Allen Crawford, authors of the world renowned vNugglets PowerCLI blog, wrote a great PowerCLI hands on lab guide for the Indianapolis VMUG “Demo … Continue reading

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VMware Publications Videos: Running vCLI 5 Commands

VMware Technical Publications has released another great video.  This one gives an overview of available authentication methods including session files, Active Directory, and configuration files. It also explains how to run commands against vCenterServer systems to target ESXi hosts in lockdown … Continue reading

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PowerCLI VMUG Lab: Cincinnati Roadtrip!

Back in July of this year, the Indy VMUG hosted a large regional event. After the numbers came in it was the largest VMUG event worldwide at somewhere around 900+ attendees. It’s came a long way. I remember helping plan … Continue reading

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