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vSAN 6.6 download links are publicly available.

Today VMware has released vSAN 6.6 to the public! 6.6 is a big step forward. While the base architecture of vSAN stays the same, it becomes more and more efficient. With the price of flash going down, it’s an even more … Continue reading

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vSAN Troubleshooting Tools

Before you begin it is important to realize that vSAN is a software based storage product that is entirely dependent on the proper functioning underlying hardware components, like network, storage I/O controller and the individual storage devices. You always need … Continue reading

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vSAN Deepdive videos from VMware Storage

Learn more about vSAN’s value propositions, use cases and customers in these great educational videos.

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New Hands On Lab: Virtual SAN 6.2 (HOL-1708-SDC-1)

Cost: FREE! All of the HOL’s at VMware are free, but time out after a certain time frame. The purpose of this lab is to help in understanding the basics of VMware Virtual SAN. This self-paced lab is divided into … Continue reading

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