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Why use vSphere Proactive HA?

What is Proactive HA? Proactive HA will detect hardware conditions of a host and allow you to evacuate the VMs before the issue causes an outage. Failure happens at the most inopportune times. It’s possible that degraded hardware goes on … Continue reading

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Homelab Tip: Upgrade ESXi 5.5 to 6.0 U2 via command line using VMware Online Depot.

I’ll start off by saying that if you use a customized ESXi build with community supported vibs, you’re not going to want to constantly rebuild your ESXi hosts when new versions come out! Here’s what you can do to upgrade … Continue reading

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Building a VMware home lab with AutoLab.

Rick Crisci from and fellow VCI, has documented the process of running a home lab in AutoLab in VMware Workstation. There are a couple benefits and downsides of running a VMware home lab in AutoLab. Lets cover those. Benefits: … Continue reading

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Yet another, Perfect vSphere 6 Home Lab

The time has come once again to update my home lab. I’m currently running Shuttle DS81 units and a Synology DS1515+. I plan to keep the NAS unit and upgrade my hosts. I have decided to move back to Intel … Continue reading

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Performance Best Practices: VMware vSphere 6.0

I’m continuously asked if there are any performance tips for vSphere 6. VMware has a great whitepaper here which encompasses a great deal of information! Excellent bedtime reading here, folks! Some of my favorite highlights: Make sure your hardware satisfies … Continue reading

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The Perfect vSphere 6 Home Lab

12.7.2016: Note: In addition to these Shuttle units, I’ve updated some other vSphere 6.5 lab configurations here. It has been awhile since we’ve visited my “Perfect vSphere Lab” setups. If you’re not aware of my older perfect setups you can … Continue reading

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