Happy New Year!

I wanted to get a quick post up wishing all my readers a Happy New Year. 2013 has been a good one for myself and this blog. I attended VCI Day in San Francisco for the first time, attended VMworld, spoke at some local VMUG meetings, ate octopus for the first time, taught some new courses and was also selected again as a VMware vExpert. My wife and I traveled to Europe and spent some time in Amsterdam, Rome and the Amalfi Coast.







2014 will be an exciting one for my family and I. We might not have any world travel on our list this year but in February we’ll be extending our family by one. Birk v2.0 is due February 17th! It’s a boy, his name is still to be determined.

This blog had over 40,000 unique visitors in 2013 and over 54,000 unique page views. We had visitors from 156 different countries or territories. 2013 was the biggest jump in traffic from years past. This blog welcomed Veeam as a sponsor in 2013 and I’m working with another potential sponsor to add ┬áin 2014, so I can review some additional hardware devices.

Areas in blue below show areas with site visitors.

2013 map

Some additional statistics from the graph above. Below is a list of the top 10 places and their increase in visitors from 2012.

Country / Territory % Increase in New Visits
United States 66.72%
United Kingdom 71.06%
Canada 71.01%
Germany 68.85%
Australia 71.46%
India 88.87%
France 73.73%
Netherlands 75.83%
Singapore 48.9%
Switzerland 61.18%

I’ve finally ordered myself a new NAS device as well. It should be here Friday. I picked up a Synology DS1513+. As soon as I get it, I plan to do a tech review on the unit and I’ll let you all know how it performs from a vSphere home lab perspective.

To close out, I hope you and your family have a great 2014! I’m going to leave you with a list of some of this blogs most popular posts in 2013.

1. The Perfect vSphere 5 Home Lab
2. Fixing broken Realtek and Marvell NICs in ESXi 5.5
3. The Shuttle XH61V Ultra Mini vSphere Lab
4. Need a cheap VMware ESXi dual port lab NIC?
5. P2V Best Practices Slides


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