I’m a new VMware Certified Instructor!

I am happy to say that last week I performed my observed teach in St. Louis and passed. I received some great feedback from both students and my mentor instructor. I am set to teach my first solo Install, Configure, Manage 5 course the week of January 9th!

The process was a tough process but fun at the same time. I have taught before, but to say I wasn’t a bit nervous would be lying. I’m happy to be able to finally be in the small group of VCIs! My overall student rating was a 4.9/5. I am humbled by some of my student feedback for my first time out, some of which I will share below:

Ryan Birk has a great presence in the class room. He knows his topic and added real world experience into the mix.

Ryan is an excellent instructor and adds very appropriate and timely real-world information. He even adds his own personally developed add-ins to compliment or strengthen a point. Best course I’ve been in (Out of 4). Thanks!

Instructor was tops! Very patient and knowledgeable, always professional.

Excited to get started!

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8 Responses to I’m a new VMware Certified Instructor!

  1. Abdullah says:

    Congratulations Ryan and Welcome to the VCI Club.

    I am a VCI from India. You can join the VCI group on linkedin, Eric Sloof manages that page.

    • Sravan says:


      I am from India and have 10+ years of experience in Virtualisation and Datacenter technologies. I am looking for some guidance to become VCI would you please guide to start with it.

      any inputs will be appreciated.


  2. Cajy says:

    Hello Abdullah

    Which VATC are you associated with and where did you attend the VCI workshop. I have been in the IT industry for about 20+ years and would like to settle back in India and just be a VMware instructor and pass on my knowledge to the newer generation.


  3. Hi Ryan,
    I am currently in the Us and looking out for a certified VMware instructor for a job opening in India. He would have to travel between Europe,India and Dubai.
    You can reach me on komal.sakhrani@wisemen.com

  4. Arzan Amaria says:

    Hi Ryan

    I want to know what was the actual procedure and need some information to understand how I can prepare to be a VCI. I am certified Technology trainer from CompTIA and have Microsoft MCSE track certifications. I have 5 years experience in classroom training. I will be trained on VMware VCP course in first week of October. Please make any notes which could be useful for me to join the club. Thanks in advance!!

  5. Aigars says:

    When will you hold Online Live VMware View: Design Best Practices v5.1 course? How much does it cost?

  6. lee says:

    Hi, I’m looking to hire a VCI as a contractor. And I was wondering if VCI’s usually get hired as contractors at the various teaching centers like New Horizons and others for the 5 days duration of the VMware class.


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