vNugglets: PowerCLI Hands On Lab Guide Released

I wanted to spin up a quick post and link to some good content. My friends Matt Boren and Allen Crawford, authors of the world renowned vNugglets PowerCLI blog, wrote a great PowerCLI hands on lab guide for the Indianapolis VMUG “Demo Days” event that was held on July 26th. They’ve made the lab guide available for public consumption in the event that you want to go through it.

Snippet from their post:

This year’s lab starts out with some 101/102-level types of exercises and info, and then progresses into 200-level PowerCLI (and maybe a bit beyond). I cut off the lab guide at thirty (30) pages — there is so much to cover, and thirty pages got us through about 75% of the material we outlined to discuss. Now we have leftovers for next time.

Check it out on their blog at:

Go on, check it out!

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