An LG Android running with VMware Horizon Mobile

Check out the video below of an LG Revolution (Verizon) running VMware Horizon Mobile. VMware has been talking about this technology for awhile now. I believe the first time was the keynote at VMworld 2009. This demo was recorded at CES this week. VMware Horizon Mobile allows you to run a “work” version of Android and a “personal” version of Android independently of each other.

From the VMware Horizon site:
Allow users to carry a single device for both personal and corporate usage. Employees want to use their personal smartphone for work and are pushing IT to support those devices. This trend—sometimes called “Consumerization of IT”—challenges IT requirements for security, compliance and ease of management. VMware MVP enables enterprises to embrace this trend, by allowing IT to safely support employee owned devices. With VMware MVP, enterprises can get the security and ease of management they require, while reducing CAPEX.

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