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Ok, so this blog over the years has almost entirely been about virtualization with little personal blog type posts. However, this is something worth sharing. I recently ported all of our cell phone service over to a company called Ting. You’ve probably never heard of them since I just found out about them 4 months ago and was waiting on a contract to expire. Hence the need for a blog post! They are a Sprint re-seller and a service of Tucows. You might have heard of Tucows before since they’ve been around the internet for awhile. 🙂

Essentially, if you have Sprint coverage in your area, you can use Ting. The port process took about 4 hours and we were up and running. If you’re not a heavy data user but like the benefits of a smartphone to use occasionally, Ting is what you want. Our old cell phone plan for two basic smartphones was about ~$135/month.

From looking at our estimated usage, and a switch to Ting we’ll basically pay around ~$60-70/month now for the same exact service. (Update 4/3/2013: Our first bill ended up only being $39.) It’s very important in my opinion to analyze your current plan before jumping. If you are heavy on data and have an “unlimited” plan, you might be better off staying put with your current provider. The people who win with Ting are low to moderate users of data, which believe it or not, is a lot of people. If your area has Sprint LTE, then Ting will work at LTE speeds if you have an LTE phone.

We do a bit of a hybrid phone setup these days. When we’re at home, we connect to our home WiFi to suck down the data and we combine Ting with Google Voice for even more savings but our estimated ~$60-70/month bill didn’t reflect us doing any of that. I used numbers that reflected us sitting on the cellular data network 100% of the time and using minutes and text messages on our old plan without the use of Google Voice. We’re just doing it now to drop that estimated $60-70/month bill even lower.

Ting also runs a great referral program. If you’re interested, you can use my referrer link and get $25 off a new phone or to your monthly service. It helps us both, as I will also get an account credit.


  • No contracts. You can move on whenever.
  • A refund if you don’t use your existing “plan” data. If you use more, you just get bumped to the higher tier and don’t need to take out a second mortgage on the house. Then bumped back down to the lower tier next month. You pay for exactly what you use.
  • Bring your own device. (Granted it’s on the supported list.) If not, you’ll need to purchase either a used phone or a new non-subsidized full price phone. I challenge you to do the math, even with a full price sticker shock phone, you will likely save considerable money.
  • Great customer service and they are supporters, not banners of anybody who likes to use custom Android ROMs.


  • They do not support the iPhone at this time. They say in the future it might be possible. To me, this wasn’t a deal breaker since we use Android based phones but to some it might be.
  • If you’re not satisfied with Sprint service in your area or coverage does not exist, Ting is not for you.

Have a look at the YouTube playlist below. It shows the plans, dashboard and more perks.

My final verdict: Highly recommended if you have an Android based phone and are low to moderate smartphone data users.

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2 Responses to My Take: Ting Cell Phone Service

  1. Kyle Mallory says:

    Hey Ryan old buddy 🙂 I’ve known about Ting for a bit over a year now. I thought about trying them out but 1, I’ve heard horror stories about Sprint coverage. 2, And I haven’t been able to afford the full price of the phone. What I ended up doing to get rid of Verizon is in the fall I bought the Galaxy Nexus while it was still available from Google. Then I got a Straight Talk (AT&T Sim) and it’s been working great. The only hiccup was porting my South Bend number to Google Voice, for some reason they were unable to generate a new number for where I live. They were insistent I couldn’t use a different Zip Code, but upon several frustrating service calls I said to just find me a number that works. And voila it worked haha. So I have my Nexus, Straight Talk and my number on Google Voice to get calls on any phone I want.

  2. Ryan Birk says:

    @Kyle Mallory Nice. You’re bleeding edge! I think they’ve only existed for a year or so. I seriously had never heard of them until last Fall when I started to look around for what to do when our contract was up. We’ve had Sprint service for a couple years here in Indy. It’s been pretty good overall. Now that they have LTE rolled out it’s much better. Waiting on LTE was a different story and quite frustrating actually. We do drop calls occasionally but it’s no different than when I was with AT&T. Verizon no doubt has the best coverage here in Indianapolis though, but like you I got sick of paying all that money for a cell phone!

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