Performance Best Practices: VMware vSphere 6.0

I’m continuously asked if there are any performance tips for vSphere 6. VMware has a great whitepaper here which encompasses a great deal of information! Excellent bedtime reading here, folks! Some of my favorite highlights:

  1. Make sure your hardware satisfies the hardware compatibility requirements.
  2. Know your virtual guest operating systems and applications.
  3. Benchmark your server hardware and use a performance monitor utility.
  4. Enable DRS and use Fully Automated vMotions!
  5. Keep VMware Tools up to date!
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5 Responses to Performance Best Practices: VMware vSphere 6.0

  1. Pedro N Rivera says:

    Than you for this post.

  2. Josh Coffey says:

    I can no longer see the comments on here… It’s messing with me a bit cause i need to refer to some of these comments.

  3. Josh Coffey says:

    Will vSAN work with only traditional drives in the hosts, or is that inaccurate? I had been under the impression that vSAN needs SSD drives to work.


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