PowerCLI VMUG Lab: Cincinnati Roadtrip!

Back in July of this year, the Indy VMUG hosted a large regional event. After the numbers came in it was the largest VMUG event worldwide at somewhere around 900+ attendees. It’s came a long way. I remember helping plan the first “Demo Days” event and we were happy with 300 attendees and ran it out of a conference center on the IUPUI campus. Recently these events have had to be held in the Indiana Convention Center due to popularity. Nice!

At this years event, myself, Brian Wuchner and Jake Robinson, created a self paced PowerCLI lab. The lab was created to show some cool things that you can do with VMware PowerCLI and build up some additional interest. We built it on Bluelocks VMware vCloud environment. We received good feedback overall and put the content on the Indy VMUG site.

A few weeks ago the leaders at the Cincinnati VMUG, got in touch with us and asked if we could provide a lab at their full day event on 11/2. So we’ve updated the lab, and will take a road trip.

The lab is built similar to the layout below, however we built a VMware View front end for the Cincinnati event.

vCenter Server (localhost)
Two ESXi 4.1 hosts (named esxi01 and esxi02)
Four virual machines running on the above ESXi hosts (named alpha, bravo, charlie and delta)
Shared iSCSI appliance (Openfiler)

You can register for the Cincinnati event here: http://www.myvmug.org/e/in/eid=112

Beautiful artwork copyright Jake Robinson.

A special thanks goes to Bluelock (www.bluelock.com) for providing the virtual data center services and 10zig Technology (www.10zig.com) for providing the thin client devices.

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