Starting a new journey…

Many of you know that for the last several years, I have been a VMware/Virtualization Consultant for a growing IT consulting and managed services firm based out of Indianapolis called Apparatus. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great co-workers, and work on some very cool projects in everything from large Fortune 500 companies, to the SMB market. I have really enjoyed my time here because I’ve been able to work on everything from fresh implementations of vSphere all the way up to working in a large global virtualization environment with hundreds of ESXi hosts and thousands of VMs. In addition to VMware vSphere, I was able to get my hands dirty doing VMware View, Amazon Web Services, Hyper-V, you name it.

As my experience has grown, new opportunities have followed. Today, I’d like to officially announce that I’ve accepted a position with New Horizons United as a full time VMware Certified Instructor. I will be teaching official VMware courses. New Horizons has recently became a certified VMware Training Provider and they are looking to grow their training offering.

I will still be based out of Indianapolis and will be working from home as most of the courses will be presented “live” but online in the US Eastern time zone. All the labs will be cloud based and it really should be like a real in person class. My goal is to make my courses stand out. I want my students to take home everything required and then some. There’s nothing like good real world tips and tricks! I am consciously starting this new gig knowing that I’ll need to keep my home lab rocking on max vPower!

I still plan to continue teaching part time for Purdue University. After two years of test runs, my “Virtualization/Cloud Computing” course now has an official course number in the CIT program and I look forward to still being able to teach that. It’s important to me that I keep up with Hyper-V, XenServer and all of the other VMware competitors. Teaching this course allows me to do just that.

It was a hard decision to leave Apparatus, but I am really looking forward to this new opportunity!

My last day at Apparatus will be November 1st.

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