The VCI process rolls on…

For those who are not aware. I am going through the VMware Certified Instructor process now. It’s been great thus far and I’ve learned a lot. The downside here is that I don’t post a much as I’d like since I am knee deep in soaking up some new material. All of this at the same time I am planning to knock out my VCP 5 exam as soon as possible. It is looking like my scheduled observed teach will be the week of December 12th in Saint Louis, MO and I’m looking forward to it!

A couple things worth sharing:

Duncan Epping and Frank Dennemans VMware vSphere 5 Clustering book is on “Cyber Monday” special for $5 USD over at Amazon until midnight tonight. The Kindle version that is. Go get it:

Also, be sure to check out The Top 10 brownbags of 2011.

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